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    Optima for framed modules OPTIMA® is fixed into the purlin and ensures the optimum stability of the photovoltaic installation even in strong wind or hurricane conditions. The rail support (bridge) is equipped with a compression seal which adapts itself to different shapes of IBR roofing sheet. It replaces the existing support and no new drilling operation into the rooftop is required. OPTIMA® ensures efficient air flow beneath the solar panels allowing high energy outcome as well as a longer photovoltaic module lifetime. This system is built with high quality steel (Magnelis® or Z600) with a surface coating selected for durability and anticorrosion efficiency. All our rooftop integration systems have a 10-year manufacturer warranty. They are installed by certified and specially trained professionals. OPTIMA® is also adaptable to the majority of fibrocement rooftops. Optima for frameless modules (bi-glass, laminated modules) With the OPTIMA® mounting system, frameless modules can be installed in portray or landscape configuration depending on local aesthetic requirements, ''flat-roof'' or 'tile-effect". The latter allowing easier rooftop maintenance. The OPTIMA® system uses the same mechanical requirements for the framed and frameless modules.
    Supra® Clamp was created as collaboration framework between ADIWATT engineering office and major photovoltaic module manufacturers. Supra® Universal Clamp has been developed to ease and to secure photovoltaic modules installation onto all types of trapezoidal sheet metal thanks to its rotation axis which allows to be adjusted to all different angles of the steel sheet waves. Using its clamping on the lateral side of the wave (roof-deck), its implementation offers a better mechanical strength compare to clamping of the top of wave. Furthermore, it allows to overcome the barriers caused by sheet metal clamping jumpers. Supra® Universal Clamp is adjustable, it allows to mount photovoltaic modules on the surrounding and in-between parts of the roof. Only one reference is necessary for supplying an entire roof.
  • ADVANTAGE®, Mounting solution for terrace roof
    ADVANTAGE® is the secure solution for installing photovoltaic modules on terrace rooftops.
  • Atardecer
  • Automated solar cleaning robot
    Automated, intelligent, auto-charging and water-free robotic cleaning system designed to enhance power output by 6% to 20%, and in turn, the bottom line of solar power plants.
  • DustIQ


    Donald van Velsen

    DustIQ, for monitoring soiling of PV
  • Energy Buffer Unit - EBU Lion
    Energy storage will make an important contribution to the stability of future power grids which have a significant share of renewable energy. It will become more important as the renewable energy share will get larger in the future energy mix. The main areas of application of a storage unit are: Permanent frequency regulation, peak-shaving at high load or high feed-in periods, allocation of regulation energy for national grid operators as well as continual energy provision for off-grid applications. The EBU is optimized for these applications and is designed for maximal scalability and flexibility. It can be adapted for today’s and tomorrow’s needs at local or national power grids, guaranteeing a stable grid, and even allowing more renewable energy in the near future. The EBU is optimized for maximal scalability and flexibility and for lowest storage costs possible.
  • Estructura
  • FAST FOLD Man-Portable Hybrid Energy System
    The Renovagen FAST FOLD man-portable hybrid energy system can be deployed and producing power in less than 1 minute. The system comprises 2 components both housed in robust flight cases: the off -grid Energy Hub which contains the management systems and energy storage element (up to 10kWh); and the FAST FOLD solar mat which providing up to 3kWp of solar energy. Future developments will permit systems to be connected in parallel to deliver up to 15kW (Single phase) and 45kW (3 Phase).
  • FLT Linear Fresnel
    Soltigua’s Fresnel collector FLT is a linear concentrating system for generating at temperatures up to 320°C. Its compact and robust design make it suitable to both large scale installations for solar process heat (e.g. enhanced oil recovery) and rooftop installations for solar cooling. In ground installations, it minimizes the use of land and the cost of site works for foundations and pipes. Its high temperature range and the absence of moving parts makes it well suited for application in desert areas. A dedicated robot-based cleaning system minimizes labor and water consumption for mirror cleaning many industrial process heat, solar cooling and power generation applications. The main innovations of Soltigua’s FLT collectors include: – Weather resistant highly reflective polished aluminium mirrors – Selectively coated stainless steel receiver tube – Highly accurate automatic sun tracking with multimirror drive – Sensors to measure: angular position, fluid temperature, wind speed – Controlling PLC with web based remote monitoring – Stowing procedure in case of bad weather – Safety procedure against high wind, overheating and lack of flow – Hot-dip galvanized metal structure – Electric panel at 230V
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